The Company

The Ilha Verde Rent a Car was founded in 1971 in S. Miguel, Azores and its headquarters is located in Ponta Delgada city. It is present on all islands of the archipelago with the slogan “ Nine islands one Option”, with service counters situated in the noble areas of the different cities as well as in the main airports with the aim to facilitate the rent to the customers with reservations and to those who decide, on the site, to rent a car.

Recognized as the most important car rental company in the region, has primacy over his more than 40 years of existence for maintaining a service with standards of excellence either in attendance or on the quality of more than 700 vehicles that provides to its customers, since commercial vehicles, sportive, passenger and luxury. Proof of this fact was the recent assignment to this company of the Quality System Certificate in accordance with the standard 9001:2008.

Ilha Verde rent a Car has the exclusive representation to the Azores of Avis and Europcar, that brings a series of advantages for customers that usually choose these services. 

This Company is part of the ILHA VERDE GROUP, which represents in Azores Ford, Nissan, Subaru, Renault, Honda and Mazda, achieving a real asset in assisting the rent a car activity.

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